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Artist brings author Isabella S. Oehry to Bartleby's

Saturday, February 27 @ 4pm

Isabella S. Oehry, author of "Under A Blue Moon" will be speaking at Bartleby's, followed by discussion and book signing @ 17 West Main Street, Wilmington, VT.

Full of adventure, "Under a Blue Moon" documents Oehry's quest with the goal of inspiring others to look beyond the obvious and keep their hearts and minds open to the previously unseen and unheard. "I knew that the insights I gained were not meant for me alone," she says. "I hope my personal journey will inspire you as well. It may forever change how you view the world you live in."

Artist Ann Coleman an Oehry were members of the the Eastern Telemark Team and competed together in the Nationals.

Coleman willl be available before and after Oehry's reading and book signing to sign her print sales from her work of over 100 images that are on exhibit on Bartleby's second floor thru March.

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